Tips Before You Travel

Make Copies!

Whenever you travel internationally, always make copies of everything you have in your wallet, especially a colored copy of your passport – if you lose it, it’s that much easier if you have your number and a copy on you. All hotels ask you to show your passports as you check in, and in some cases they insist on holding onto your passport till you check out.

Hotels Are Different

A few things to know about hotels in Italy:

  • Like many hotels in Europe, the rooms, beds and baths are smaller;
  • Most hotels insist you leave your room key with them and not take it out on your excursions. So remember to lock your stuff up in the room safe.
  • The voltage is different so you have to bring a converter, but unless your hairdryer or iron curler is pretty up to date it will burn out fast. (Mine did!) Luckily they had hairdryers in most of the rooms. 

Don't Get Ripped Off by Fake Taxis

Just like any city, you can get ripped off it you do not know the difference between a gypsy cab and a legit one. The legit ones have meters and are white. Their fee will start at different rates depending on how far they came to get you. The gypsy drivers will have taxi licenses and even act insulted if you question if they are cab drivers.

Tipping Isn't Expected

It is not common to tip in Italy. places will list on the menu that they charge a cover charge (usually a few euros per person). This is just a fee, not for music or anything else, just for sitting down and eating. 

Know the Rules of the Tourist Attractions

Whether you want to visit the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Vatican museums, the Uffizi or any other famous Italian attraction, make sure you know the deal. Always check, there may be parking fee involved and also entry fees. 

Use the Metro

These are the local trains in the major cities. They are much cheaper than taxis and the system is easy to use. 

Beware of Pick Pockets

These are everywhere when you least expect it, especially in big cities, Like, Rome, Napoli, Milano and more. Carry a knapsack and make sure the opening is towards you. 

Get Your Euros in Italy

Plan on using your ATM card while you in Italy to draw euros from your American account. Check with your bank to find out your maximum daily allowance and the exchange rate your bank charges. 

Check with Your Cell Phone Carrier

Before you travel, call your cell phone provider and ask them for their best deal on phone calls and texts while you visit Italy.

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Plan Your Trip

Best Flight Deals

We suggest to use a combination of Skyscanner, CheapoAir and Google flights to source the best flight deals for Italy.

To find the best deals, set up alerts on Skyscanner for the month you wish to travel and wait for price drops. 

Passport and Visa

Major Attractions

Rome, Florence and Venice are some of the busiest cities for tourists in the world thanks to their famous attractions – the Colosseum, Vatican Museums, Uffizi Gallery and Doge’s Palace.


  • Colosseum
  • Vatican Museums


  • Uffizi Gallery
  • 'David' statue (Academia Gallery)


  • Doge's Palace
  • San Marco Basilica


  • 'Last Supper' painting
  • Duomo rooftop

Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.